ok i know im not a popular blog and all and im practically not on here all that often anymore and im sorry… but i did decide to gif again after like a 6 month hiatus but to see people repost my gif and write the source as themselves….. please dont do that :( just cuz im not a super popular blog n it doesnt have 3000 notes doesnt mean youre allowed to steal so…. please take it down? :( i’d really appreciate that. i cant find her inbox so im sorry i have to publicly just broadcast it like this.

PS. i really subtly slowed down the gif towards the end (cuz super sexy) n i resaved “her gif” n the exact same frames were slowed down by the exact same milliseconds so… 

org: http://gdbabyfruit.tumblr.com/post/62508070936
repost: http://ivy246.tumblr.com/post/62577755865

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adjusting his shades

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Jiyong on Infinity Challenge

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▲ BIGBANG; always best when working together as 5. 

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